Escape to a place where the soothing, ever-present rhythm of the ocean inspires renewal.

Discover an opulent oasis where your cares melt away as nurturing hearts and hands revive your soul.

Healing treatments are offered to invigorate the body and return balance to the mind. The healing touch of professional therapists melts away cares and distractions of life. Only the most exclusive health and beauty products are used to create a luxurious experience in this peaceful haven. It's our pleasure.

Indulge. Surrender. Revel. And let time become a sublime experience that you witness moment by moment. Here, every touch and every treatment is a catalyst for transformation changing stress into relief; tension into peace and fatigue into vibrant energy.

Whether you spend an hour or a day with us, you will leave our spa renewed and revitalized, ready to experience the wonders of your world again.

Decleor Beauty’s Special Care products are the focus of The Tiara Beach Spa treatments, but the high-touch techniques used in their application are a step above many standard skin treatment movements. The Decleor treatments have a clearly rhythmic flow from beginning to end, including pre-treatment deep breathing and stretching to stimulate the immune, circulatory and lymphatic systems while releasing stress and tensions. A second specialized step, invigorating conventional massage, is followed by unique effleurage movements and shiatsu points to encourage balance and drainage of tissues. This technique is used during the application of Decleor Beauty’s Special Care Concentrates to enhance the absorption of the active ingredients and make the skin treatments more effective and long-lasting.

Located just beside of the hotel's reception.The Spa is spread over a spacious area of 2,500 square metres. The Tiara Beach Spa Sunny Beach is contemporary, yet designed with comfort and relaxation in mind.

Forget the outside world and renew your spirit in this luxurious spa and salon, designed for your ultimate relaxation. Our salon provides swimming pool, jackuzzi, fitness, separate men’s and women’s dressing suites,along with a relaxation room, private cosmetics, and multiple treatment rooms featuring our exclusive skin and body treatments. Emerge revitalized and looking your best.

The emphasis is on luxury, pleasure and rejuvenation in this relaxing environment. Let us carry you to an earthly paradise, a peaceful retreat high above the bustle of that offers a full selection of experiences to restore your inner balance while enhancing your outer beauty.

Slowly, gently, immerse your senses in a private sanctuary of calm and total tranquility. The assurance of renewal is a promise that The Tiara Beach Hotel Sunny Beach delivers to every guest at The Spa. This exclusive luxury wellness concept focuses on providing a haven of relaxation and nurturing to members and guests, while providing a complete care of the skin, body and soul - all supported by a team of highly skilled therapists,who will ensure that your visit is a delightful experience that you will want to repeat.

The Spa is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Thank you forn giving us a chance to be part of your moments.


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